The interface of these three treasures:  
1. Jing
(constitutional vitality)

2. Chi
(immediate daily energy)

3. Shen

Help one to bring their body back to homeostasis in terms of hormone balance, metabolic balance, mental/emotional clarity and spiritual awakening.  It helps with numerous conditions ranging from anxiety, insomnia, depression, lethargy, addictions, .....etc  They also help one to select energy intake in the form of foods, supplements, herbs, and superfoods, not merely according to one's constitution, but also the three basic energies necessary for creating the highest quality of life from a Taoist point of view.

An elegant analogy of the Three Treasures paradigm is to view them as the composite parts of a burning candle. Jing, as essence and physical substance, is symbolized as the wax and wick of the candle. The density and quality of the candle determines how long it will burn (i.e. how long one will live in wellness). Chi, as energy and metabolism, is symbolized as the candle's flame. It creates light, but also heat that melts the wax and burns the wick of the candle. Balancing Chi is essential for regulating how fast the Jing is burned up. Finally, Shen, as spirit, including presence, wisdom and spiritual understanding, is symbolized by the candle's light. This is the light of consciousness that we are ever seeking, in the context of expanding the energy of Shen. This is the guiding light and context for individualizing your dietary choices and lifestyle. If your goal is simply more energy, and improving athletic or sexual performance, this approach can also be used to optimize your approach.

Over the past 20 years, I have been treating people suffering from mental/emotional conditions and have watched their lives being completely turned around. I have seen first-hand how powerful this method of treatment is in gaining clarity, self-esteem, internal peace & happiness, developing a zest for life.
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