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My story

Here’s a little bit about me to help to paint the picture of my journey from then until now. Ten years ago I was feeling pretty average. I was struggling to get through each day with 4 young kids even though I knew it was getting easier with the toddler days behind me. I found exercise helped me cope with life plus I lost weight and felt so much better  – but I wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled. My weight would fluctuate and I’d go in bursts with overexercising and extreme diets. I was pretty disconnected and I felt stuck in a rut.

Then 5 years later I found myself divorced and my life as I knew it was turned upside down. I was over exercising and stressed out to the max.

Everything started to go backwards in my life especially with an ageing body – eyesight, grey hair, wrinkles, wailing metabolism, memory, menopause – WTF was happening. I decided that it was time to stop and have a good hard look at myself and my life. I wanted to feel ACE and alive again. I was determined to do something about it.

I discovered what made me tick

My mission turned to focusing on myself and opening my eyes to what’s really important in life. I became a Personal Trainer to immerse myself in my passion for fitness and wellness and 3 years ago I set up a Holistic Training centre to help people transform their lives like I was doing.

I researched, experimented, soul searched, meditated, workshopped non stop looking for answers and searching for a way to get my ACENESS back. I slowly discovered over the years that truly being content and happy with myself, was not just about focusing on my weight and working my butt off in the gym or dieting like crazy to look good. Even though we live in a superficial world where we are judged daily by our appearance, I unearthed that being content with ourselves is a culmination of a number of things but most importantly about how we THINK.

Accepting ourselves particularly with how we look and feel, lies predominantly in our minds as all our actions are dictated by how we think and feel. Our mindset drives our choices and our self image.

We need to do the inner work to sustain our outer goals.A truly holistic approach needs to be applied and I continue to study, research and apply that knowledge with my clients. What I’m really passionate about is empowering people globally to become Holistically Fit and Healthy and fully embrace who they are with more confidence and connection.


Suze came to me as a a 60 year old going on 70. She was feeling flat and stuck and unhappy with herself. She was carrying a bit of weight, her demeanour was down, her posture was dreadful. Within 3 months she had turned herself around – she’d lost weight and looked 10 years younger, but the greatest achievement was that she had more vibrancy and zest for life and such a positive attitude about her body and her life. She is a keen golfer and her swing and performance improved immensely and actually made a hole in one on a tough course!


A 49 yr old lady came in down hearted – a bit depressed saying “there’s nothing I can do about my body – I’m nearly 50 and thats just how it is”. Well by the time she turned 50 Wendy was a completely changed person. It wasn’t just that her body transformed but her confidence had taken off thru the roof. An extremely strong, capable person who just needed the support to tweak bits and pieces in her life. She felt better, looked better and was thinking in a much more positive way.

How do I work with people?

So I became a Holistically Fit specialist. I mentor and coach people to rebuild their core connection – not just physically but emotionally as well.

I bridge the gap to your inner core connection – to whats really important – whilst you journey along the path of rediscovering your “ACENESS” and feeling in control, connected and confident with yourself. I like to shift you from feeling AVERAGE to AWESOME!

I’m a bit like a suspension bridge.  I bridge the gap between you and your inner core connection – to whats really important. I help support you as you move from one side where you’re feeling unhappy, and unmotivated to the other side of feeling in control, connected and confident with yourself. When people work with me I look at 3 main components:

  • Diet and exercise
  • Lifestyle and habits
  • Mindset and wellbeing

So people can feel FREE and fully embrace who they are with more CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION.

As a Holistic coach and mentor it’s a little bit like a sherpa helping you climb a mountain. It can be challenging at times, but despite whatever factors were faced throughout the journey once you get to the top it is awe inspiring and totally worth the effort.

What are the benefits of working with me?

When people come to work with there are three key benefits they are going to walk away with:

  • More connected with themselves
  • More control of their life
  • More confident in themselves to feel fitter, free and fabulous.

But what I’m really passionate about is empowering people to wellness and becoming Holistically Fit and Healthy to fully embrace who they are with more confidence and connection.


Zoe, a teenager came in wanting to tone her body. She wasn’t overweight but she wanted more shape in her body. After 6 weeks not only did she get a flatter stomach and more shape, but she transformed herself into a more confident and independent person. She  is now in a much better position to deal more effectively with life challenges and has more control over her life and is more connected with herself.

Thank you for believing in me and giving me back a better body that keeps improving using your mind body spirit type of guidance…I will never forget your support!

Olga F

Benefits of the Empower Your Body Program™

Empower Your Body Program is designed to shift awesome ageing chicks from feeling AVERAGE to ACE! It’s a transformational journey of self discovery to ultimately get you feeling fitter, freer and more fabulous as you become more connected and confident.  This this is what you will walk away with from the program.

  • Increased AWARENESS of YOU and your food, fitness and wellbeing
  • A clearer understanding of what AFFECTS your mindset has on your choices
  • Achievable ACTION steps to maintain long term

Thank you for believing in me and giving me back a better body that keeps improving using your mind body spirit type of guidance…I will never forget your support!

Olga F