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Welcome to Holistically Fit™

Hi, my name is Sally and I’m a Holistically Fit coach and mentor. I help awesome ageing women shift from AVERAGE to ACE. I’m passionate about empowering women globally to fully embrace who they are with more confidence and connection.

How it works is using a 3 step process that includes:

  • Reveal: identify issues that hold you back & commit to change
  • Relearn: break lifetime habits on all levels
  • Renew: connect you to the essence of who you are

The Empower Your Body Program™ is an online program which will be launching in February. To find out more – sign up now and begin your transformation to feeling fitter, fabulous and free!

Thank you for believing in me and giving me back a better body that keeps improving using your mind body spirit type of guidance…I will never forget your support!

Olga F

About Me

Ten years ago I was stuck in a rut – overweight, busy, unhappy and discovered exercise as a good stress relief. I was caught in a bubble, my marriage was flailing, struggling with 4 kids and I just felt “BLAH”.

Then 5 years later I found myself divorced and my life as I knew it was turned upside down. I wanted to feel ACE and alive again. I was determined to do something about it. I became a Fitness Trainer and opened Holistically Fit to help people transform their lives like I was doing. I discovered that training my mindset was the link to managing my body, my weight and my choices.

What I’m really passionate about is empowering people globally to become Holistically Fit and Healthy and to fully embrace who they are with more confidence and connection.

HOLISTICALLY FIT – Empower Yourself Inside and Out

Holistically Fit is an empowerment training centre which opened in 2014, offering personal training and services with a holistic focus so overall you Look Better, Feel Better and Think Better.

Our aim is to build meaningful relationships through our training to help you Strengthen, Shape and Reconnect so you can Empower Yourself Inside and Out.

Our centre promotes your health and wellbeing by providing services which help transform not only your outside but your inside as well. We assess you as a whole and discuss all your goals and desires in line with your current lifestyle and situation. We like to KEEP IT REAL so that we align and adapt your goals to your lifestyle. Most importantly we have FUN along the way – we want you to ultimately feel HAPPIER.

My body shape has completely changed and I fit back into my clothes pre-children. I am a more focused person and I feel like a better version of myself.


Benefits of the Empower Your Body Program™

Empower Your Body Program is designed to shift awesome ageing chicks from feeling AVERAGE to ACE! It’s a transformational journey of self discovery to ultimately get you feeling fitter, freer and more fabulous as you become more connected and confident.  This this is what you will walk away with from the program.

  • Increased AWARENESS of YOU and your food, fitness and wellbeing
  • A clearer understanding of what AFFECTS your mindset has on your choices
  • Achievable ACTION steps to maintain long term

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